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Ani DiFranco Righteous Rage by Jack Chester

Chester: It does seem easier for people fall into line and hit the complacency train...
DiFranco: Yeah, thereís such passivity and self-censorship and inaction and complacency in this country. I just went on a trip to Burma, which was life changing and mind altering.
Burma happens to be the longest running dictatorship on the planet right now. Itís incredibly repressive and violent. Thereís basically a campaign of ethnic cleansing happening there, itís just brutal and startling. And in contrast with such darkness there is just incredible light, there are people who are so strong and convicted and have dedicated their lives to the fight for democracy, who hold democracy higher than anything, which is so inspiring and refreshing, especially coming from this ultra-privileged apathetic society where we donít even bother to exercise our power to vote and we have the opportunity. And here are these people who are fighting for their lives and I met people who were political prisoners for 13 years who told stories of torture and who still refuse to give up the fight even under pain of death. So, I mean... what do I mean? I donít know. Itís certainly a contrast in societies.

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